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About Us

The Conference Board is a global, independent, non-profit research organization that spreads information about managing businesses and the marketplace. It was founded in 1916 with its headquarters in New York City in the US. With 250 employees and membership of 1,200 organizations and public and private corporations, it is spread over 60 countries. Our main aim is to serve society in a better way by providing members with trusted business insights preparing them for what lies in the future. Our innovative approach makes you act in a way where you can face real life challenges.

We are immensely trusted as we are a non-profit, independent organization, and not a supporter of any party. We deliver business insights by connecting senior entrepreneurs in diverse industries across the globe. Our proficient experts offer factual research and consensus policies that will provide business leaders to solve their business problems. We connect companies through forums and meetings where top business issues are discussed mainly concerning the growth of economic environment and governing standards of corporates. Consumer Confidence Index is an economic indicator that defines the work of The Conference Board. The CCI index of The Conference Board helps to measure the wave of optimism or pessimism among consumers as regards the economy in the future. 

Our Mission

The Conference Board dedicatedly provides practical knowledge required by the World’s leading business corporations helping them to improve performance of their enterprise and at the same time serve the society in a better way.

Our objective of offering both economic and business practical knowledge is to give our members the capability to understand and deal with the crucial issues faced by companies and businesses in the present times. 

Our Values

  • With our efforts we want to bring about positive changes round the globe. We focus more on providing vital insights and prospects on important business issues. We want to expose and solve complex issues concerning the relation of business to social order with the aim of promoting stability and improving global well-being.
  • We believe that trust and collaboration can create ground breaking solutions. We want to serve our members in a better way by sharing knowledge and investing in opportunities for creating new values round the world.
  • We want to build robust relationships with stakeholders by creating a sustainable and unbiased environment for sharing great ideas and services for diverse economies.
  • Our passion is to discover new ways for creating value for members in society. Through intellectual curiosity we want to promote a culture of encouraging our employees to continuously learn new skills. We strive to expand our knowledge base and pursue new ideas and concepts.
  • Our policy of honesty and transparency in dealing with our stakeholders shows our integrity. We never compromise on our methods of research or conclusions that we arrive at. We maintain the truthfulness of our convictions despite any political, external or commercial pressures.

Our Community

Our community consists of over 1200 members of both already existent and new emerging markets in the world. The representatives of The Conference Board along with the expert leaders from several prominent companies all work towards ensuring that our members get the practical knowledge required to improve their performance in the business world thereby serving society in a better way.

Our community consists of Trustees, voting members, global counselors and experts.

  • Our Trustees help by volunteering time, knowledge and insight to strengthen The Conference Board’s charitable mission. They are business leaders who look after the business affairs in a dedicated manner
  • Voting members are like shareholders for an all profit organization but have no ownership rights in The Conference Board
  • Our global counselors are international leaders with an outlook to bring about a critical insight for planning and development.
  • Our experts study new researches and economic analysis converting them into insights that can be used to improve your business strategy. Their expertise in innovative thinking, global prospects and objective analysis will help to solve any real life business problems.

The Conference Board experts along with seniors and staff members work in the interest of the public using the cutting edge technology of business knowledge to serve our members in an efficient way leading to more productivity and greater success in your business ventures.